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Introducing myself Karen & BB

I was brought up in Zurich, Switzerland. Throughout my life I have been passionate about the need to take care of our planet, not waste valuable resources, and most importantly, treat all life with respect. However, my previous career working on boats caused me to bare witness to the some of the immense destruction being done to the environment on a global scale. Since settling in Tuscany, Italy with my husband and two daughters, I have been focusing on finding innovative and creative uses for discarded materials in order to reduce pollution.

The Project

I began formulating this project in 2012 while strolling along the beautiful Versilia beaches near my home in Tuscany, Italy. It shocked me to see the mountains of inflatable toys and garbage people leave behind day after day polluting this beautiful scenery. I wanted to clear the shore of debris, and after noticing the bright colors of many of these inflatable toys, I saw potential in repurposing the materials into other products.

Each and every Bauer Borrelli Recycle Project creation is unique! I put love into each and every product, which I hand assemble in my crazy, fun, and overstuffed micro home in Atelier. The first step is collecting and thoroughly washing each inflatable on my terrace then sorting and storing them. The second step is creating a prototype of the products and correcting any flaws. Finally, I begin production after perfecting each model. I believe in well-made goods, built from the ground up out of as many upcycled materials as possible.

With a big influence from the fashion world, I let the shapes and colors inspire me to create unique, practical items for everyday use. What started out as a few simple zip bags has now expanded to include several styles and sizes of practical and fashionable bags and accessories, hats and aprons. One day I made my kids a raincoat that brought me to make a biker jacket and then I created fun outfits with personality for my first Photo shoot. In addition, I also have great fun creating all kinds of outfits for special occasions. I am constantly searching for new inspiration and techniques to make each item special and strong, as I believe no two items should be created the same way.

How to reduce the harm that comes with the disposal of plastic materials is one of the most important issues facing our planet. Once plastic is manufactured, it never degrades, but merely breaks up into smaller pieces. Because of this I have adopted an ethos to avoid purchasing plastic as much as possible, and focus my business on repurposing plastic material. This way I avoid adding to the massive landfills crowding the earth, and reduce the harmful practices involved in the manufacture of plastic.

By purchasing products from Bauer Borrelli Recycle Project, you are supporting a small business, not mass production, striving to preserve the earth's beauty.

the supermom

  • Karen Bauer Borrelli Founder and Creator
  • Rossella Moro Maker / Graphics
  • Francesca Pasquinucci Influencer / Support
  • Francesca Farnocchia Photography
  • Eleonora Pardini Make up
  • Chiara Robimarga Writer
  • Elvira Confuorto Model
  • Alice del Chiaro Model

The Pro Support

  • Sara Veneruso Web Graphics
  • Stefano Caccia Web Design
  • Kyle Craig English Writer
  • Michelangelo Guida Characters Animation


  • An extra special thanks goes to Cristian Borrelli & Lello Borrelli
    Without your financial support I would not be here.
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